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Why Torch Group?

Dig For Information

Torch Group is highly active at doing primary and secondary research which will be useful to solve Your business issues​

Attract Deal

Torch Group sees deal as a potential to scale up Your business to a whole new level and You can also learn from the experts while we help You to grow international

Engage With Potential Collaborators

Our main duty is to engage and maintain business partnership from all across country to provide broad network​

Lasting Business Communication

Legend said, "Your network is Your nett worth" so it's better to maintain business network and relation​

Torch Group is a quality-driven firm that provides integral consultancy services to SMEs. Our vast experience knowledge in the ever-changing business industry allows us to guide our clients to address their respective needs. Our strong background and contacts in the global business landscape, especially in the ASEAN region, enables us to lead our clients to pursue larger markets beyond Singapore

Our clients

Driving technology for leading brands
dewan perniagaan & perusahaan melayu singapura
fatimah mohsin
hos consultants
stroz tech
masjid al islah
belitung business center

Business Insights

Negotiation is probably the most relevant skill to the most of us. We might not have realised it yet but we have started to “nego” even before we started talking. Babies cry in order to get milk and they will cry louder to get it faster.

Negotiation is a skill that many can improve when they do it consciously and regularly. Never settle for the first quote. Get at least three quotes for every job. This is not just about corporate governance but it is also a basis for negotiation.

5 Things You’ll need to consider out of negotiation is What do you want to get from this? You have to be clear about this or else there is really no point to negotiate. Second one is be objective when you “nego“. Discuss the facts and figures, not emotional matters. Also, You need to know your tolerance levels. At which level do you close the negotiations? Do you end things with a handshake or leaving the table entirely? After that, before you even meet your counterpart, find out all about him or her and in today’s world, data is all around. Search smartly and be ready! Lastly, enjoy the tango and remember you want to do business and not putting the other party out of business.

Key Person

Siraj salman

PMC Group principal consultant

– Leads Torch Group as its principal consultant

– Accredited by practicing Management Consultant by Enterprise Singapore

– Qualified to run Singapore government-endorsed adult learning program

– Volunteer as Assistant Treasurer at Al Islah Mosque and Assistant Secretary General at welfare organisation, Jamiyah Singapore

– Former teacher with Ministry of Education, Singapore and Membership Manager at Singapore Malay Chamber of Commerce



– Director of Torch Trade

– Advisor to commercial property investors

– Manage overseas offices 

– Assistant Secretary at Punggol West Malay Activity Executive Committee andTorch Foundation

– Experience in commodities trading industry for 10 years


jean Kuo hung

– Manages the Philippines office

– Serial entrepreneur with various businesses such as co-sharing space and digital marketing

– 8 years experience in regional business


jean kuo hung


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+65 9761 3980

477A Changi Road, Singapore