Top 5 Important Things to Consider When Making a Pitch Deck

Top 5 Important Things to Consider When Making a Pitch Deck

Today is the era of startups. When a person experience issues in their daily life, then they craft the idea and decided to implement technology to solve the problem which customers love is almost natural nowadays. But with so many people want to build their own startup– and so many ideas and technology being tested out, is there a way one startup can have competitive advantage when pitch their business to investor? Well, here are top 5 important things to consider in a pitch deck for funding to investor.



1. The problem You’re trying to solve

Too many entrepreneurs start their business with a thought that their idea will solve the problem without the process of iteration–frequently testing it to the market then implement they research findings in their product/service. Although this is the ultimate solution which help Your business to find its way regarding the market penetration. Your business cannot survive if it’s not a ‘must have’ for the customers

2. The why’s of Your business

The business core apart from the idea itself, is the Founders and members aboard. People will look at Your business particularly the same way they look into you. Your motivation, goals, personality will determine the success of Your business. That is why you need to show people how you are passionate about the business. In that way, people are more likely to connect with You in better ways

3. Business valuation

For early stage of startup, Mr. John recommend You to consult with local/international financial firm to help with the business valuation. This way, You know how exactly to measure every aspect in Your business. Obviously having too low or too much valuation compared with the actual numbers which investor look atYour pitch will result in the hesitation of funding Your startup. 

4. Structured Plan

Where You are now is an important part of the pitch deck as investor would like to assess whether You have the knowledge yourself in examining the startup phase. Where You want to go will also be as much important as You need to plan out the steps and milestones that startup will face soon.

5. Prepare Composition of the team

A great team member are thos whose skill complete one another and personality bond well with other. As the startup grows, members will most likely to recruit new hire with the same personality. From less than 5 person, to more than 20 person–the personality will grow as company culture and be listed in the company’s handbook. Which is why team onboarding is another important part in creating startup.

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