How To Leverage Productivity with Technology

Torch Group is a quality-driven firm that provides integral consultancy services to SMEs. Our vast experience in the ever-changing business industry allows us to guide our clients to address their respective needs. Our strong background and contacts in the global business landscape, especially in the ASEAN region, enables us to lead our clients to pursue larger markets beyond Singapore. In order to achieve this, Torch Group initiates a Zoom Networking session with a different theme every biweekly.

For this Zoom Networking session, Shahnan Amasha from Pulse Fusion is sharing to us about ‘Using technology to manage business remotely’. We all know this Covid pandemic pushes us to do activities differently, that include teamwork collaboration as well as managing sales in the business. Shahnan mentioned there are 3 tools which can help you to leverage your team and business performance and that are:

  1. Maximize your Google Mail;

Nowadays most people use Google mail to exchange personal and professional letters with others. With the transformation of digital, Google Mail keeps improving itself and thus releases features which we never have used before. These feature includes:

  • Schedule send : allow people to send email based on the time they set. Will be beneficial for users who have packed activities and tend to open their mail at night.
  • Set up inMail signature : Select signature You want to portray yourself in the email based on Your needs.
  • Set up inMail task : Create task within Gmail to help you accomplish tasks.
  • Connect Google Addons : You can select multiple addons to connect with Gmail but it’s best to connect with project management tools.
  • Increase productivity by using Google Suite which enables GoogleChat

2. Project Management Team Asana;

To collaborate with team members digitally, it will also be a help if You use project management tools, for instance Asana which can be connected with GMail through Google Addons. Asana will also help you to:

  • Assign team members based on the project : Create project and include members who can see the project progress.
  • Set up project name, person in charge as well as project duration : Give user detail information about the project.
  • Install Instagantt to connect with Asana : You can go to Instagantt and login while connect it with Asana to provide your account with Gant chart of each project.

3. Hubspot as Marketing & Sales Tools

  • CRM management through Hubspot : Have a better understanding and engagement with customers
  • Set up form to capture leads : get a full insight of leads opportunity through form
  • Email marketing from website leads : remarketing activities by the leads captured previously.
  • Analytics dashboard : Examine your target audience and their behavior better through set of data.

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