Why Torch Group?

Our Journey

Torch Group began with Our Principal, Siraj Salman who have received the best education in business management, working closely with hundreds of businesses as the Singapore Malay Chambers of Commerce & Industry (SMCCI)’s Membership Services Manager for two years. During that time, he has established a strong network of government officials and business owners both local and regionally. Currently, he hand picks a few businesses to coach and mentor towards success. 

Siraj then initiated Torch Group, as a business consulting firm which has facilitated business mission trips to Philippines, Malaysia and Indonesia successfully. A total of 47 participants, the highest recorded by The Singapore Malay Chamber of Commerce and Industry attended the Johor Business Mission. At Jakarta, Torch Group also facilitated 22 Singaporean companies getting at least 6 strong leads to pursue businesses with. A hallmark of these business missions is the PULSE Framework. 

Torch Group now have a vast network from around the world, and focuses to connect businesses from Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, Nigeria, and Middle East.


Our Vision

We want to connect with as many business as possible accross the globe as we provide insights gathered and help them grow.

What We Believe

We believe the importance of networking with others, because even if it doesn’t benefit you in the short time, it can always help you somewhere along the way in the future. Therefore, we believe in the quote, “Your network is Your Nett Worth” as it turns out to be truthful and relevant in our daily lives. 

Our Achievements

Torch Group focus on ground-breaking results of global business matching that we managed to evolved to a Pte Ltd back in 2016. In  year later, we conducted training for SMCCI sales staff, which in turn saw them achieving an increased of more than 50% of membership signups and renewals. Finally, we also organised business mission to JB and got a record participation of 97 companies.